Bio/ Artists Statement

About Ember Livingston Emmons:

Ember Livingston Emmons is an artist living on Lingit Aani in Southeast Alaska. She has lived in SE, including very remote, wild places in the Alaskan bush, most of her life. She has also lived and studied in Washington, Oregon and California, and enjoys traveling and exploring new places, and especially likes learning about people and how they live in all different kinds of places.

   Ember has experienced an interesting variety of work in her life, from cooking in remote fishing lodges, owning her own coffee shop, and captaining a wooden hand-troller commercial fishing for salmon. Throughout her life, she has always been creative, expressing herself through many mediums. In 2017, she became an advocate and support system for her son when he was diagnosed with schizophrenia. This experience has led her to be passionate about advocating for the rights of people suffering from mental illness, and normalizing the symptoms and channels of support so people can live full, healthy lives with their challenges. She now paints full time and enjoys time with her husband, son, dog and many plants.

   From a very early age, Ember learned about meditation and has found much solace in the practice. In challenging times, painting is her favorite ways to meditate and center herself. Through her expressive brushstrokes and her love and fascination of pattern and texture, painting is also how she expresses her joy and wonder.

Ember is a lifelong learner and is a graduate of the Milan Art Institute Mastery Program.

Artists Statement:

I am always exploring. My paintings are characterized by deep, vibrant colors, texture, and my quest for unexpected beauty. I can be truly captivated by interesting textures and am often stopping to notice things that are ordinarily passed by- like the patterns of water dripping down rocks, the shape of decomposing corrugated cardboard or the shadow made by leaves. 

Rooted in the belief of radical self-esteem, my artistic process focused on the pursuit of authenticity, intuition, and self-expression. Throughout my life, I have used art as a voice when words have failed me. Painting is my medium of healing and peace, and is how I recognize the world. 


- Love, 

 Ember Livingston Emmons

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